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What is a shoe-tee exactly?

Do you know exactly what a shoetie or shoetee or shoe-t or shoe-tee is? However you spell it, I think we all know how to pronounce it. Shoe-tee, right? Shoetees or shoeties are a cross between a shoe and a boot or bootie. Not quite a full boot and more of a shoe. Generally, I would say that they are defined by having an open toe - soemthing that we do not associate with a boot or bootie.

Why would you want to wear a shoetie and why are some designers crazy about shoeties...and why am I crazy about shoeties...let me tell you.

I can answer both of these questions for you. Simply put, they are fantastic. They give you the look of a shoe - boot while still feeling like you are wearing a shoe. You don't end up with some hot legs under a pair of long knee high or thigh high boots. Yet, you get the look and style of a shoe, which is sometimes the preferred look depending on what you are wearing, of course.

Shoetees can look great with a short blouson mini dress. If you were to wear the same short dress with a pair of shoe-ties, it would give a much different look. Similarly, if you wore a pair of stiletto heeled shoeties with the dress, it would give you a much more formal look. Shoeties take your style and casualize it somewhat. They do not go as far as boots would casualize your outfit and they do not go as far as shoes could formalize the dress or skirt.

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